i haven’t had much to write about lately but i feel like i should write something. i hate it when that’s the first sentence i write but its so true these days. i have a giant list of games that i need to write about but i’m lazy.. bleh.

farmville is now available on the ipod, and i think i should probably do some sort of ipod app review sometime because i keep downloading new ones all the time. anyway the farmville app is kinda.. eh.. i’ll write more about it later but its still new so there are bugs to work out i’m sure. if nothing else it makes it so i don’t have to go to the website or facebook to poke at my crops and what not.

i’ve been playing the sims 3 a bit more lately! shocker i know… i don’t really like the sims 3. not as much as the sims 2, but i did end up making a sim and i kinda fell in love with her weird personality so i’ve been playing it a bit more off and on. i do think i would like to get the expansion packs at some point, maybe for my birthday or something. you can of course check out my sims rambling on the lj i have set up for it here.

final thing for this blog, i wanted to show off a bit more of my 3d work! i’m learning a lot via some good tutorials on youtube. here’s a dumpster i made in a couple of hours!

low poly dumpster

and then the same dumpster with a bit of colour and better lighting/rendering settings

once more with colour

nothing too special but its  something to learn and i’m picking it up a lot easier now than in the past. next i’m going to attempt actual textures.

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