i figured since i’m playing WoW so much i would write a proper blog about something involving it..

i’m addicted to UI addons/replacements. my ui is insane and completely different from the regular WoW Ui.


sometimes i wonder if i really need all this junk but then if i remove any of it i feel weird.

my definitely needed addons are:

bartender 4 because i can’t stand the way the original bars are set up and i like to be able to move mine around where i wish.

carbonite quest, which is my quest helper/minimap replacement. i love this addon and i went crazy when the damn thing broke a while back. you cannot find a better quest helper than this. i don’t know how i played without it.

xperl unit frames is essential because i like to be able to move my frames around. i hate having them up at the top so i scoot them down near my bars.

grid along with the unseen clique addon allows me to 1click heal when i’m a priest and otherwise pay attention to the raid group without having those damn raid frames everywhere.

zomg buff teh raid (i’m serious that’s the name of this thing) is useful as well cause i’m lazy and i like being able to keep up with my and my party’s buffs just by rolling the mouse wheel.

the rest is pretty unneeded but i feel weird without it.

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