no we’re not moving out of our home but moving is going on. my brother and his wife have moved out into their own place finally, so mom and i have been shuffling the house around. we’re not done yet, but i hope by tomorrow we’ll have it all back in order. i’ll be moving back into my big bedroom in the back, and she’ll be moving into the room that was her’s and dad’s when i was a kid.

this means i’ll finally get my desk back and i can stop having backaches from this tiny ass desk in this tiny ass room!

what really sucks right now is that the entire house is a wreck. all our stuff is in the kitchen and living room because we stopped midway though to allow mom to rest and we won’t be starting up again until tomorrow. my urge to arrange everything is driving me insane and i kinda wish she would let me move everything while she sleeps :p

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  1. I hope you enjoy your new room! If you spend a lot of time at a computer, a good desk makes such a difference!

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