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finally i’ve found a tv show that doesn’t require vampire softcore porn to get me hooked :p. yesterday lucas and i started watching The Event on hulu and i think perhaps i have finally found a show that fills the void in my heart that LOST left me with when the show ended. i don’t want to talk too much about it of course, because i do not want to spoil! but holy crap this show is good. if you like tv shows that make you stare at the screen and go whaaaaat??????? after the credits start up, then this is a show for you. i hope this one doesn’t get canned like flashforward did >_< i loved that show and i was really getting into it and then BAM dead. but since there is no more LOST to compete with, perhaps it has a better chance.

i’m also interested in seeing The Walking Dead, which i’ve heard a few people talk about, but since i missed the first episode i decided to wait and let hulu pick up a few episodes. the sucky part? hulu only has rights to the first episode >_< so now i have to find it via other means… UGH.. maybe AMC will have a rerun night. it sounds very interesting and who am i to turn down anything with zombies in it?

ok so i’m still not really watching tv on the actual tv but hey its been a while since tv shows actually caught my eye besides LOST so that’s pretty cool. need more good tv and less of this reality show crap!

i’m a true blood fan! there i’ve said it! i finally gave in and started watching the show from the beginning over the weekend. honestly when i started watching i had my doubts. i really REALLY don’t like sookie. i think she’s annoying. i’m told she’s less annoying in the books so maybe its just anna paquin, cause meh.. i don’t really like her >_> (she made a horrible rogue.. sorry).  however after a few episodes i completely just got hooked. i love the story, i love that there’s a bunch of super naturals in the story! not just vampires and werewolves. i love eric XD who doesn’t seriously.. dayum…

i’m just starting season 3 but i’m going to pace these since the new season doesn’t start until next year. its fun to be hooked on a tv show again! after i finish season 3 i’m probably going to start reading the books as well. i was kinda disappointed at the sudden popularity of vampires recently but this show has honestly rekindled my love with them.