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so i finally got to playing the sims 3. after a horrible time installing it.

i got rid of the “borrowed” copy and made sure that it was completely eradicated before i installed the legit copy.. don’t need any sorts of piracy speeches, it was my intent to buy it all along just had to wait for my birthday :p uninstallation went fine and there were no problems. i then installed the new game and promptly went to patch it. for some reason EA did not think to make the updates available from their launcher just the newest update which is dumb.. because fresh out of the box, the sims 3 requires THREE full patches to update it to the version that is considered “stable” now. so i had to run around like a headless chicken trying to acquire the updates from various websites that provide videogame updates. bad idea! when updating the sims 3 always ALWAYS remember to make sure of the region your patch is for. if you are in the US, take the time to make sure your patch is also US. otherwise you will get all kinds of annoying INVALID FILE errors and freak out, as i did.. i uninstalled the game once thinking i had borked something, only to find later that the patch i’d downloaded was not the correct region…  but finally i got the damn thing patched up.

so i install all my custom content, and store stuff.. and everything goes in just fine and dandy, lets play the game!

first order of business when playing a new game is always to go in and fiddle with preferences.. and since i have my nice new graphics card, i decided to bump up some things and test how much i could push it before it crashed. no crashes on full but turning on anti-aliasing made the tops of my sims hair missing! so then i spent about an hour googling around for help on that because i hate jaggy edges and my card does not suck so i should be able to smooth things out without the loss of hair! it turns out i had to manually adjust the anti aliasing settings in my videocard settings and turn off anti-aliased transparent textures. this brought the hair back and made my graphics nice and smooth. *yays*

of course by that time.. i was too tired to play. so i only ended up making sim me and sim Lucas, and plopping us in a house. i then noticed there was a weird skipping issue with the sound.. which i googled later and found was a bug from the new patch.. wonderful :/

i’ve also found that i cannot upload anything to the sims 3 exchange site.. it keeps telling me i have a network error. so all in all right now as it stands, i really prefer the sims 2 still… but we’ll see how it goes.

(yes i did cheat the time on this because i fell asleep while writing it and woke up at midnight which ruins my blog every day goal.)

the honeymoon with my new video card is still going :p fallout on high works like a dream! still need to test the sims 2 and the sims 3.

my birthday is tomorrow! i will be 28, ugh.. i’m almost 30! how did this happen! i have absolutely no idea what i am going to do for it though.. probably sit on sl and have a party or something *shrug*.

need to make pretty layout but video games are so much fun…

so i really wanted to take some time and recommend this video card that i purchased. except for the little issue where it beat my soundcard into submission its a pretty damn nice card!

my video cards tend to always be NVIDIA cards, but this time i chose an ATI instead because there were no good NVIDIA cards on newegg for agp card slots. my computer is getting pretty old, and the mother board only has pci and agp. the card i got before this one, that sucked, was an NVIDIA but it was a pci card which made it slow.

so today has been the videogame testing day, and so far i’ve been left with my mouth hanging open.

i have never played WoW with 20fps… i never knew it could be so pretty and shiny and FAST. and with most everything set all the way to max in the graphics sliders! i even have shadows!

fallout 3 i haven’t tested to its max capacity because i’m scared lol i don’t want to blow up my computer o.o

second life, i think i mentioned this yesterday… peaking fps of about 15! and in some areas with less prims i got about 30fps! NEVER HAD THAT EVER!

all my games, i’m used to like.. 5 fps max, maybe 7fps… never double digit fps and definitely not when the graphics are at full max.

so yeah, if you have an older machine and are looking for a good video card to make gaming a bit more fun and smoother, you should really check this one out. its this card here. i hope that it and i will have a long loving relationship and that it lasts me until i can buy a new computer lol

ok so now its back to videogames.

i received my new video card no thanks to ups. the driver pulled up into our driveway and proceeded to tell me that he can’t find the box and that it may be on the wrong truck. i shot laser beams from my eyes and slammed the door shut. no.. nimil does not have patience or control over her emotions.

so anyway the dude leaves, but then comes back and i have my mother answer the door because if he has anything else to say about my package being late i will probably eat his face with my spinach salad. but to my happy surprise he handed my mother a large newegg box and gtfo of our driveway.

so the great installing began and that was easy enough. the sucker is huge! the fan gigantic but it all runs silently and fit in nicely without any wiggling. plugs were placed, power turned on and everything installed just fine. damn i forgot to plug in my speakers.. oh well no worry.. plugged them in and went along to test out the new shiny card.

card works well above my expectations. 14fps standing still in second life!!! i have never had that many fps before ever in second life! my usual max with the old video card was about 5fps. and i’m talking about being on ultra setting here (for those of you that don’t play SL, max graphics settings what ever..) ok so standing still did well, i moved, i turned, everything was WONDERFUL! my hair moved like hair! my skirt moved like a skirt! I COULD SEE FOREVER! anyway, gleeful yelping sounds emitted from my room, my parents breathed the sigh of relief, and i frolicked on sl for a bit.

when i decided i wanted music for my frolicking, we had a little bit of a problem. you see the card i got is all fancy and wants you to use it on an hd tv or something, but because i am poor, i just have a good old fashioned lcd monitor. well when i installed the 928734928635928874982347 drivers (i’m serious it took 20 minutes to install all the crap it wanted, including a trial of WoW LOLOLOL), it ATE my onboard sound card! ate it! the driver was deleted, the folder with the sound program in it was gone! i freaked, panicked, fearful googling commenced, some whiney kid mentioned he couldn’t get drivers to work blah blah blah, finally i found a nerd forum with the answer!

and the answer kids, is that when you install something like this, always go to bios…

bios is a scary world that i do not like to go into. its a very blue world where the gui reminds me of an old computer my dad used to let us play on as children. but anyway, i swallowed my fear, entered bios, and changed my onboard soundcard from “auto” to “enabled” and yay! sound! everything is wonderful!

and so now i’m going to go and spend hours playing videogames on high settings and finally finish some things i’ve needed to do since the beginning of this month!

sorry i couldn’t think of a subject. i really dunno what to write about tonight. i’ve been vegging out today playing WoW and messing with addons. my dad got an email from new egg and my video card will be here tomorrow! wheeeee! i sorta just want this day to hurry up and end so i can sleep and wake up to NEW VIDEO CARD!

but of course it won’t :p i just hope that i’ll be able to use this card unlike the last one.

tonight my mother asked me what a scanner darkley was about and if she would like it LOL! i’m not really sure how to explain that movie, i know that i liked it but seriously, i don’t think she would. so i just said “its a comic book movie and there are drugs” and she said “oh…” i wasn’t exactly trying to scare her away from it but i know what she likes and what she doesn’t like and i’m pretty sure that movie would fall under her “do not want” category of movies… i think my dad rented it on netflix for himself HAH!

ok back to being lazy!

my video card arrived today and i was so excited to put it in my computer and get everything going again… except it ended up being the worst video card i have ever purchased!

i am not the best at picking computer hardware, because i really don’t know enough about it to make a good decision. i was trying to get something better than the geforce 7300 gt that i had previously, and decided on a geforce 9400 gt instead. the major difference was that the 9400 gt was a pci card, where my other card was an agp. upon installing, i swiftly went to second life expecting a great difference in game graphics, but instead i was faced with 1 measly fps… i get more fps on my laptop and its integrated graphics chip! i was so upset, i actually had a little bit of a panic attack… then i took the card out to my father in the living room and told him to send it back, and we looked up another one. this time we carefully looked at our choices, and instead of an nvidia i am getting an ati card. its an agp card this time, and i’m hoping it will do tons better than the other one. my dad is thankfully really good at smooth talking people, and was able to get our restocking fee waved.

this means that i’m stuck on the laptop for a bit longer, and that makes me pretty disappointed… i’m not sure when the new card will be here, as we have to send back the old card first before we can order the new one. probably another week :(