my childhood fears were numerous, and some of them i look back on and laugh. i was afraid of.. well.. everything! my imagination as a child was, i guess you could say, over-active. i would spook myself so much with ordinary things that it would just grip me in terror.

i was afraid that construction equipment could come to life and rip my family’s car off the road. i have absolutely no idea how i came up with this fear but i was terrified any time we drove past a crane or a large bulldozer.

when i was very young i was afraid of mannequins. i had told myself they were real people who were trapped. they scared me so bad that when we went into stores with them i would hide inside the shopping cart, under my mom’s coat or a blanket or what ever i could in order to keep from seeing them. i was convinced that if they made eye contact with me that i would be turned into one.

i used to love having posters on my wall however i could not change clothes in my room because i could not stand knowing they could “see” me. i was horrified that i was being looked at by them.

somewhere in life i developed a huge fear of robotics and AI which still has me in its grasp today. the only thing that i can think of that might have caused this fear is seeing the bionic woman take her face off when i was little. because of this i was unable to stand watching some cartoons and movies that a lot of people love. i did manage to sit though all of the starwars movies and the matrix but to me it was like a horror film is to most. i once tested the limits of this fear by going on the terminator 3d experience at universal studios. that was the worst idea ever and i am still haunted by its memory today.

there are many more things but writing them all down would be a novel.

most of my childhood fears were the result of watching a movie i shouldn’t have as a kid. however it was never scary movies that started these fears. i think the construction equipment fear may have been a result of seeing the transformers, but i’m not sure. the mannequin fear probably came from catching a glimpse of the mannequin movie as a kid and not understanding what was going on. frankly i do not know.

i took me a long time to break though these fears, childish as they sound, i still had some of them when i was a teen and as i mentioned before, robots still scare the living daylights out of me.

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  1. Dez

    I had this one poster that had really creepy eyes and I couldn’t change without being weirded out either.

    I understand your fear about AI. It’s scary crazy how much we depend on technology today and the advancements that have happened in the last ten years. :/ Sooner or later we’re going to be Ghost in the Shell and a mix of Skynet.

  2. I used to worry a lot when I was a kid, too. I still worry about silly things sometimes. I don’t know where I got my ideas because I was basically in a bubble and wasn’t really exposed to anything.

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